This tutorial will provide hands-on skills to use modern data visualization and analysis platforms, specifically the open source parallel Paraview and Tableau. Paraview is very powerful and popular in the HPC scientific and engineering research communities. In the ParaView part, we will explore representations, color-scales and their controls, data filters, how to build pipelines, multi-view & camera links using synthetic seismic data, streamline plots, plot-over-line analysis, and histograms. Also, the calculator tool, datasets & time, animations & their controls, time interpolation, camera animations, static vector field animations, and Python scripting. Finally, the course will cover how to use these tools/skills to do remote, parallel visualization using HPE DSI computer clusters. In the Tableau workshop, we will use Tableau Public to create interactive data visualizations. It will cover an overview of the program and provide hands-on experience creating basic charts and maps, as well as creating interactive web-based visualization dashboards. We will also use more advanced features in Tableau to manage data, and use calculations and parameters to make views more interactive. In the end, students will publish their visualizations to the Tableau Public web server.

Date: 26th February 2020 - 15th April 2020

Time : Mon Weds 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Instructor: Dr. Martin Huarte-Espinosa and MSc. Wenli Gao

Location: AERB 200, 202

Class Capacity: 44