This course introduces participants to the computing environment found in UH high performance computing clusters such as Opuntia, including how to prepare work-flows, submit jobs to the queuing systems, and retrieve results. Other topics covered include general HPC concepts, Opuntia’s system architecture, system access, customizing your user environment, compiling and linking codes for CPUs or GPUs, the PBS/SLURM batch scheduling system, batch job scripts, Matlab jobs, submission of serial or interactive or parallel (gpu/cpu) jobs to the batch system. 

Topics in Linux covered include user accounts, file permissions, file system navigation, the Command Line Interface (CLI), command line utility programs, file & folder manipulation, and common text editors. 

Topics covered in Shell scripting include built-in commands, control structures, file descriptors, functions, parameters & variables, and shell scripting.

Prerequisites: None.

Date: 3rd March 2020 - 16th April 2020

Time: Tue Thurs 11:30 AM - 01:00 PM

Instructor: Dr. Amit Amritkar

Location: AERB Room 200, 202

Class Capacity: 44

Evaluation – 2 homework assignments: 25% each (50% total) – 1 final exam: 50% (last day of class)